Four Seasons CERT Sizeup Column Descriptions.


There are three flavors of Sizeup, Street Commander, Division, and Total.

In the Street Commander version, the first column shows address of assignment

In the Division version, the first column shows the Street Commander assigned

In the Total version, the first column show the Division Commander assigned.

The Blank Sizeup may be used by a floater or substitute Street Captain without access to Internet and printer to fill in for a missing/absent Street Captain.  Alternatively, with access to the Internet and a printer, one could enter the name of any street captain, and display/print the Sizeup with all the assigned addresses for that Street Captain.


Subsequent Columns


Sign: HLP       House displaying the red “HELP NEEDED” sign in front window

Sign: OK         House displaying the green “OK” sign in front window

Sign: NO         Either no sign or a blank green sign.

People: NT      Count of possible injured people, but not triaged, seen from windshield

People: IM      Count of triaged deemed immediate

People: DL      Count of triaged deemed delayed

People: DE      Count of triaged dead

Pets: INJ          Pets injured

Pets: TRP        Pets trapped or abandoned in house or back yard.

Pets: ROA       Pets roaming in the vicinity of.

Hazards: H2O Broken water line or flooding (put a D if turned off)

Hazards: GAS Leaking or broken gas line (put a D if turned off)

Hazards: ELE  Exposed live wires, e.g., from street light, damaged house

Burning: FEN Burning fence

Burning: TRE Tree or bush on property or directly adjacent (i.e. on golf course)

Burning: HOU House burning Do Not Enter

House: L         Quake damaged light

House: M        Quake damaged moderate

House::H         Quake damage heavy, e.g., slid off foundation


When a Street Commander signs in, and visits the SC Sizeup, he will get sheets with addresses assigned to that Street Commander. When a Division Commander signs in, he will get sheets with the Street Commanders assigned to him.

Street Captain Size Up

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Division Commander Sizeup

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Total Four Seasons Sizeup

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