The following Medical form is for your convenience so you can provide legible information to medical personnel in an emergency. To protect your privacy, the content you enter is NOT saved. After you print the form, the information is erased. When complete, print the document, fold in half, insert it into a one-gallon zip-lock bag, and set it on top of your refrigerator.
To successfully print the form you must have the correct settings in the Print dialog. Different apps/browsers and different printer manufacturers will have slightly different settings; however, many share similar dialogs. You may need to set the orientation to Portrait.

You probably will need to click on the down-arrow More Settings to view the below menu items

Look at the preview to ensure it looks correct.   Set the margins to Minimum. It also must be set to Fit to Paper, Fit to Printable Area, Shrink Oversized Pages, or set the Scale to Custom and around 80. Again, look at the preview and adjust accordingly .

Below are typical dialogs(click to view) you would see in the Chrome browser, and the Edge browser. If you find your printouts look a mess, recheck your settings noted above.



Click Below or click here to close
Chrome with Scale

Chrome Browser Sample Setup


Edge Browser Sample Setup

Press Next when you’re ready to proceed.