Our Mission

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program, implemented in many communities across the country, is designed to increase individual and community preparedness and self-reliance in the event of man-made or natural disasters.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has officially recognized CERT as an important part of a community’s disaster preparedness readiness.

In the Four Seasons at Hemet community, we have our own group of volunteers, many of whom are certified in CERT training,  who will activate in the event of a disaster. While this group is concerned with our community, it coordinates with the city of Hemet Fire/EMS department, the county of Riverside, and FEMA.

Before disaster strikes, Four Seasons Cert will encourage and instruct members of our community in preparedness for a disaster or personal emergency.

In the event of disaster such as an earthquake or fire, your Four Seasons CERT volunteers will respond. The Street Captain will be dressed in a green vest, nitrile gloves, a full N95 mask/respirator, and a facial shield. Auxiliaries will have a yellow vest, N95 mask/respirator, and a facial shield. This exceptional PPE (personal protective equipment) will ensure the CERT volunteer’s and your safety are maximized so that virus laden droplets are not likely to pass while CERT renders aid.

However, unless you have the Help Needed sign in your window, a CERT volunteer will not approach your residence. Signs and proper use instructions are available from the lodge attendant.

During major disasters, 911 will not respond for several weeks according to Chief Scott Brown, Hemet Fire Chief. The Help Needed sign is the equivalent of 911 during a disaster. Phone service is unlikely or will be jammed with traffic.

CERT will coordinate with Hemet EMS via radio to transport victims needing immediate medical aid. If a residence is unsafe, victims will be moved to a safe location, e.g., Lodge Ballroom. All health protocols (social distance, mask, and separation of COVID suspected patients) will be observed.


Why CERT. A story of getting ready courtesy of FEMA

Are you ready for the fire?

Are you ready for the earthquake?

How will you communicate with your family?

Before Disaster Strikes

Get your free kit to help you GET READY including emergency contacts, emergency supply list, how to make an emergency plan, the name and contact information of the CERT volunteer assigned to you by clicking here.

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