Power/Oxygen Dependency List

First Name Last Name Full Name Primary Cell Phone Your Email Four Seasons Address
Lisa Snell Lisa Snell 970-759-6161 LDSnell11@yahoo.com 555 Olazabal
Shelia and harry Parks Shelia and harry Parks 951-467-0388 hsparksbus@gmail.com 245 Glenview
Lanny French Lanny French 951-282-1194 L421211@aol.com 670 Weir
Doris Jernegan Doris Jernegan 909-556-2272 nonajern@aol.com 8270 Campbell
Pamela Maykulsky Pamela Maykulsky 562-307-2052 Pamela.Maykulsky@pammymm.com 7788 Rawls
Laura Roach Laura Roach 760-500-0077 Sharon@BlackDiamondInvestments.net 585 Parnevik
Cathy Egly Cathy Egly 951-790-7077 egly.paulcathy@gmail.com 276 Baugh
Colleen Rosenberger Colleen Rosenberger 951-538-4989 barrdr@verizon.net 8125 Bogey
Lorna Castle Lorna Castle 760-715-1610 mike.castle63@yahoo.com 257 Stricker

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