The Division Commander is responsible for assigning each address in his division to a specific Street Captain, and by default, each Auxiliary to a Street Captain based upon their address.  The database should be kept current as new Street Captains are trained and recruited, or as SCs resign or drift away.

In the event of a disaster, some Street Captains will be “No-Shows” for various reasons. The Division Commander is responsible to reassign the ‘no-show’ SC addresses to another SC, upon notification of the absentees.  He then reassigns the Street Captains, notifies them and provides the Lodge command with a copy of the reassignments.

A copy of the latest ReAssignment list should be in the Division Commanders SC binder at all times.

  • An Excel template is provided to aid in the tasks.  Download, open it in Excel, extract it (unzip),  and save it in your template folder.

           Link to Excel Template Zipped

  • To export the listing, go to Reassignment List
  • A video tutorial on how to use the tools is below: (click on the image center to view)