If you’re computer savvy and willing to help your Four Seasons’ neighbors who don’t have a computer, or lack skills, sign up below. We will refer you to neighbors who need help ordering prescriptions or groceries for delivery. Please enter you’re information below.  The CERT Division Commander for your address will call you with the information about a resident in need. WE RECOMMEND YOU PROVIDE HELP VIA TELEPHONE TO KEEP YOU SAFE. If you must visit the resident, do so wearing the proper protective gear.

Often to register someone, they require an email address. Enter and let me know the email address &  phone number immediately so I put it up. I will read their email for them and phone them with non-junk messages, i.e., their order, prescription is delayed, or substitutes/missing items from their grocery orders. Each should have a unique email address so they can get the free trial delivery offered. If you need help, contact me, at with your phone number and description of your problem. I’m here to help.

Most major pharmacies will deliver free, e.g., CVS, Walgreen, Walmart, etc.  Grocery stores may deliver free or charge up to $8:

When your division commander is notified of a resident in need, he will contact you with the information. Please inform the resident that some items may not be delivered as they are out of stock due to buying panic.


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