Backup during a Power Failure

In the event of a power failure, FS CERT has a tri-fuel 3500/4000 watt generator-inverter in the large storeroom.  The primary choice of fuel is natural gas, the secondary is propane, the last choice is gasoline.


To hookup to natural gas, wheel the generator to the plaza BBQ area shown here:

Unlock the door below the outermost BBQ with a code of 119.

Connect the hose within to the generator.

Ensure the generator valve is set to Nat.Gas/Propane.

Turn on gas valve underneath BBQ

Prime with the button directly behind regulator in the center:


Start the generator by switching it on and pulling the cord. Check for leaks.



Instead of hooking the hose from the BBQ, hook the hose that has a inline regulator between the generator and a 20 lb. propane tank.



For gasoline, pour gas in the tank, and switch the Gasoline Nat.Gas/Propane valve to point downward (see Generator Image above)