Auxiliary Check List

  • From time to time, you will get an email showing the Street Captain and Division Commander you’re assigned to. Print it, fold it up and place in your I.D. holder
  • When a disaster is obvious, e.g., an earthquake OR you are notified on your cell phone that CERT is activated, report to your Street Captain. If you’re a medical auxiliary or a transport auxiliary, report to the Lodge.
  • Dress: long sleeves and pants, closed-toe shoes or boots.
  • Bring a good flashlight and work gloves if you have them
  • Upon reporting, your Street Captain will arrange for the issuance of PPE (N-95 mask, face shield, and yellow safety vest)
  • If you find the Street Captain absent, you may attempt to call him on your cell phone. If there is no answer or goes to voice mail, go to your Division Commanders address.