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Membership list last updated: 07-15-2024

This form is used by Net Control to login Street Captains who have indicated their walkie-talkie radio is on and being monitored. Net Control will, after a suitable time, relay those that failed to login to the Division Leaders and the Lodge Ops Chief. Click the print icon to print



Name Division Time In Time Out
Deborah Maggy A
Editha Wilkerson A
Fred Kydd A
Gina Linares A
Kevin Harrison A
Lynn Voorheis A
Steve Wilkerson A
Sue Malarkey A
Barb Rago B
Bud Piraino B
Dee Hydinger B
Gary Marsalone B
Scott Basinger B
Steve Ariano B
Barry Wilson C
Hortencia Roesler C
Perjeah Dhevun C
Richard Shimko C
Robert Walker C
Susan Watt C
Yvonne Maurais Shimko C
Barbara Hughes D
Beatriz Kosta D
Bruce/Vangie Williams D
Carol Ferber D
George McGowan D
Julie Beech D
Mary Reyna D
Pam Holloway D
Sharyn Hawkins D
Steven Lowenstein D
Suzanne McGowan D
Yvonne Walsh D
Dan Kopp E
David Lucas E
Kelly Collier E
P.D. ONeill E
Paula Bente E
Sharon Schneider E

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